2. Methods

To conduct this experiment, materials to build the trebuchet are vital.

2.1 Equipment
1 Wood Saw (Straight Blade)
1 Measuring Tape
1 Glue Gun
1 Power Drill
1 Industrial Glue/Hardener
1 White Glue
1 Eraser
1 Ply Wood
8 Ankle Weights (2 kg)

2.2 Diagram

A: Parts of the Trebuchet

A- Counterweight Box
B- Arm
C- Base
D- Sling

E- Ankle Weights
One Ankle Weight is 0.25kg.

B: Testing Process

                         Adjusting of the sling

An example of how the trebuchet should be before launching

Testing of Trebuchet (Before Data Analysis)

3.3 Procedures
Testing of Trebuchet
1. Place ankle weights inside counterweight.
2. Place arm until it touches the edge of the base.
3. Release the weight to activate the motion of the eraser.
4. When the eraser has landed, measure the distance travelled by it.
5. Repeat steps 1-3 with different amount of ankle weights .

2.4 Risk Assessment and Management
Risk: Handling saws and penknives may cause injuries.
Precaution: Make sure the person is not distracted by his surroundings and members.
Risk: The ping pong ball may hit someone.
Precaution: Make sure no one is walking around at the place where the ping pong ball would land.
Risk: Wielding of rods may cause injuries to the hand
Precaution: Make sure that gloves are worn. If not, make sure that the person is not distracted by his surroundings and members so that he can be cautious.
Risk: If the trebuchet is not handled properly, it will break.
Precaution: Handle with care. Make sure the person has a good grip on the trebuchet.
Risk: Using the hot glue gun may burn the hand if careless.
Precaution: Must be cautious when using the glue gun.

2.5 Data Analysis
We did our analysis in front of the Lecture Theatre. We measured the distance of a single tile which was 60 centimetres. Also, we added 0.5cm for every 2 tiles as there was a small gap between each tile. After the eraser has landed, we can measure the distance it traveled from the starting point.

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