Thursday, 4 July 2013

Literature Review (Thurga)

How is catapult used in modern days?

Catapults are well-known to most people, maintaining their fame mostly through movies, history books and video games.
Due to advance technology, 
their uses are relatively more benign today.


  • A toy for most kids, Slingshots usually use a stretchable plastic material, which connects to two crossbars. The user places a projectile within the center of the stretchy piece, stretches it, aims and fires.

Aircraft Carriers

  • Navy aircraft carriers use these. Each aircraft carrier contains four different catapults that are used to get planes up to high speeds to allow them to take off with extremely short runways. The catapult consists of two cylinders that contain pistons.

    Clay Shooting

    • Clay-shooting offers many advantages. It allows hunters to shoot at a target without actually shooting anything that's alive, it provides an opportunity to practice at a rapid pace and it also allows a moving target.


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