Sunday, 7 July 2013

Literature Review (Luke)

Modern Uses of Catapults:
1. Aircraft Catapults - Used to launch planes when the runway is too short.
2. Ships use them to deploy bombs or torpedoes against submarines
3. Clay Pigeon Shooting - Small catapults, known as traps, are used to launch clay targets.
4. Pumpkin Chunking - People see who can launch a pumpkin the farthest by mechanical means.

Launch Angle Determining the Projectile Range:
When a projectile is shot closer straight up, more energy is needed because the projectile is going closer against the gravitational force.

"Do you need specific numbers or a general description? 

If a general description will do:

At a launch angle of 90 degrees, the range will be zero since the projectile will travel straight up and back down.

As the launch angle is reduced, the height of the trajectory will be reduced and the range will increase as more energy drives the projectile downrange and less drives it skyward. (Trajectories from firing angles greater than 45 degrees are characterized by large max height and shorter range.)

At a 45 degree angle, range is maximized.

Once past 45 degrees, the range starts to fall again as the trajectory's reduced height reduces the flight time of the projectile.

At a launch angle of 0 degrees, the range will be limited by the height of the launcher over the surrounding ground. The projectile will quickly lose any altitude it has, limiting the range significantly."  -

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